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Project Management

Classic Project Management

Especially in technology-oriented companies, projects are a central element of business activity. Business success strongly depends on the capability to effectivly implement projects regarding content, quality, time, and cost. Complex Complex projects with many dependencies, high novelty, and strong time and cost pressure repeatedly pose major challenges even for companies with a well-established project management culture.

Our experts possess hands-on experience in managing multi-million projects, with demanding clients, international project consortia, high time and cost pressure, and major technical challenges. We know the challenges in this context and have approaches and means to master them.

We see ourselves as coaches in the field of project management, accompanying you in initiating, planning, controlling, and monitoring selected projects andsupporting you in optimizing your project management approach.

Jointly with you, we analyze ongoing projects, identify opportunities for improvement in terms of process, tool support, and available competencies, implement the improvements and ensure long-term success by means of a needs-oriented training concept.

On critical projects, we execute “deep dives” for situational analysis jointly with your team and accompany the team throughout the turn-around-phase.

Program and Portfolio Management

Programs and portfolios are the link between corporate strategy and individual projects: Individual projects compete for the company’s resources and must be evaluated and prioritized in terms of their contribution to the company’s goals. To ensure that projects support and complement each other, technical approaches and deadlines must be synchronized.

We help you mastering these complex dependencies.

We develop a framework – customized for your company – to evaluate and prioritize individual projects, and support you with methods and means to monitor and steer programs and project portfolios.

Agile and Hybrid Project Management

More and more companies are using agile project management in certain areas to be able to react more quickly to changing customer needs and boundary conditions. On the one hand, this requires adapted working methods and project management tools, and on the other, a cultural change. The combination of agile and traditional working methods – hybrid project management – is particularly challenging.

We accompany you throughout this transformation: We analyze, jointly with you, in which areas agile or hybrid project management can be useful, support selecting the appropriate management approaches and frameworks, develop training concepts and coach your project managers during the introduction phase.